HemBorta 18pc Allen Key Metric and Torx Keys
HemBorta Metric Alan Keys  Set with Star Keys
HemBorta Allen Key made from CRV steel and colour coded
HemBorta powder coated Allen Key sets for added control
HemBorta chamfered edge Allen key and Torx keys compared
HemBorta Torx keys fit standard and tamper proof Torx screws
Ball end Allen Keys from HemBorta for greater access
Long Torx star key for hard to reach places
Mixed Allen and Torx Keys sets for cars, bikes, furniture and equipment

HemBorta Allen Key Set Ball End & Torx Key Set Long 18pc 1.5-10mm & T10-T50 Key Set Metric Torx Heat Treated CRV Steel

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18pc Allen Key Set Metric and Torx

No doubt, you’re looking for a solid Allen key set that’s fantastic quality, HemBorta’s mixed 18pc Allen Key Set features 9 ball end metric Allen keys and 9 security Torx keys. With all the sizes you could want, it’s a great addition to anyone's toolbox and offers very good value.

These Alan keys sets are considered by customers as “a must for all toolboxes.” So, weather you’re a DIYer or someone dedicated to working on servomotors and gearboxes, then these key sets would be a great choice. Both the hex key set and star keys are supplied in plastic storage clips to keep all your Allen keys organised. 

Allen key set with a variety of sizes

Allen key set with a variety of sizesHemBorta 18pc Long Metric & Torx Key Set is a mixed tool kit that features 9 metric long arm Allen keys 1.5-10mm and 9 long security Torx keys T10-T50.

9 metric ball end hex keys

Included in this hex key set are long arm keys in the following sizes:

  • 1.5mm 13 x 78mm
  • 2.0mm 15 x 82mm
  • 2.5mm 17 x 89mm
  • 3.0mm 18 x 93mm
  • 4.0mm 23 x 106mm
  • 5.0mm 27 x 116mm
  • 6.0mm 31 x 136mm
  • 8.0mm 33 x 150mm
  • 10mm 38 x 165mm
  • Supplied in folding hinge tool storage clip.

9 security Torx keys

This set includes long arm tamper proof stars key in sizes:

  • T10 13 x 74mm
  • T15 16 x 79mm
  • T20 17 x 84mm
  • T25 17 x 94 mm
  • T27 21 x 104mm
  • T30 23 x 113mm
  • T40 28 x 131mm
  • T45 32 x 150mm
  • T50 35 x 170mm
  • Supplied in folding hinge tool storage clip.

Metric ball works on screws up to 25° angles

Metric ball works on screws up to 25 degree anglesThe metric hex keys feature a ball end design that allows you to work effortlessly on angles up to 25 degrees, enabling you to gain access to screws in difficult and tight spaces.

Torx keys with security star on both ends

Torx keys with security star on both endsDesigned to fit Torx standard and Torx tamper proof security screws, the Torx keys feature holes on both ends - so you can tighten/loosen security Torx fixings using the keys short or long arms.

High quality chrome-vanadium steel Allen keys

High quality chrome-vanadium steel Allen keysMade using chrome vanadium steel (CRV steel), each hex key and Torx key has been heat treated to give you maximum strength and to provide you with ongoing durability and reliability.

Allen keys with chamfered edges

Allen keys with chamfered edgesChamfered edges or rounded ends are a trait on the short arm and long arm of the keys (Torx only due to metric ball end of course), these chamfered ends allow you to easily find and effectively guide the keys into the fixing for a smooth entry.

Mixed Allen Key Set

HemBorta's 18pc Long Metric & Torx Key Set is a mixed tool kit that features 9 metric long arm Allen keys 1.5-10mm and 9 long security Torx keys T10-T50. This comprehensive key set is designed to help you tackle a wide range of tasks, from bicycle upkeep to furniture assembly, from car to motorcycle maintenance, plus the installation and maintenance of public amenities such as sports equipment and washroom facilities.

Each Allen key has an anti-slip coating

For extra control, the powder coated coloured layer provides you with a firm grip on the Alan keys so you can comfortably hold the tool to loosen and tighten screws with ease.

Colour-coded Allen keys for quick identification

The keys are coloured so you can quickly and easily find their unique type (metric Allen keys are blue while the Torx keys are green), they also slot neatly fit into a size marked tool holder for uniformed storage.

Long key length - why size matters

The Allen keys have a long length, this gives you the ability to reach those hard-to-reach screws, plus a longer key also provides you with a greater level of torque to help loosen stubborn fixings.

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