Our story

Our story

Who we are

At HemBorta our people are our most valuable asset - our team is made up of European and British employees that provide solutions to the challenges you encounter when creating, repairing and maintaining.

What we do

We're a European brand that helps customers with their fastening needs. We offer a feature rich product line-up of hex and Torx keys (commonly known as 'Allen keys') with high quality standards and authentic brand values.

Why we do it

Our business started as a reseller of other companies products. We worked hard to ensure our customers were happy with their purchases, but in some instances they were disappointed due to the product. So we listened to them and developed a brand with products that had the attributes that our customers 'really needed'; high quality standards, product features that suited their requirements and were affordable.

When we launched

Founded in 2017, we've been continually bringing together the finest people with innovative design and production skills to produce our best products. Over the past two decades our creations have been making our customers tasks that little bit easier, which is hopefully resulting in them being that little bit happier : )

Where we operate

HemBorta sources products from domestic and global partners. We operate from... well pretty much a lot of Europe. Our registered office is in Greater Manchester - UK, main operations office in Derbyshire - UK, central distribution centre in Staffordshire - UK. Plus, we utilise partner distribution locations across the rest of the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and Czechia. So if you're looking for a good set of Torx or hex keys and you're located in Europe, then your next set is not far away.

How to contact us

If you need to get in touch we are available from Monday to Friday to answer your questions - simply reach out and Contact Us.

Customer Reviews

Read our shop reviews and see why customers love HemBorta.

Really fast delivery and well packaged. Item as described and in perfect condition. Nice set of Allen keys. Recommended.

Paul D. - June 2023