What do you call a Torx screw that has a hole in the middle?

What do you call a Torx screw that has a hole in the middle?

When it comes to fastening screws and bolts, having the right tools is essential. One common tool used for this purpose is the Torx key. But what do you call a Torx screw with a hole in the middle?

The answer: Tamper-Resistant Torx

A Torx security screw with a hole is also known as a Tamper-Resistant Torx (TR Torx), it is a specialised type of Torx screw that features a hollow centre that can only accept Anti-Tamper Torx Keys to fit and remove them. This design is intended to prevent tampering and unauthorised removal of screws in various applications.

Why use a Torx Security Screw?

Torx Security screws are commonly used in industries where security is a top priority, such as in electronics, automotive, and aerospace. The hollow centre of the screw allows it to fit securely onto screws with a pin in the centre, providing added security against tampering.

Benefits of using a Torx Security Screw

1. Enhanced security: The unique design of the Torx Security Screw makes it difficult for unauthorised individuals to remove screws, reducing the risk of tampering or theft.

2. Precision fit: The Torx Security Screw provides a precise and secure fit onto screws, reducing the risk of stripping or damaging the fastener.

3. Versatility: Torx Security Screws are available in various sizes and shapes, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.


In conclusion, a Torx screw with a hole in the middle is known as a Torx Security Screw. This specialised tool offers enhanced security, precision fit, and versatility, making it an essential tool for industries where tamper resistance is crucial. Need a tamper-resistant Torx key then view HemBorta's Torx Security Key Sets today.

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